Network cabling, ADSL (internet) filters, and telephone points

Data & Phone Cabling

Is your internet and home or office phone on the same line? Clarke Security can install and configure an ADSL filter for your home or office, to eliminate or reduce noise on the line, to speed up internet services – or filter alarm panels to allow for faultless communications with our base station.

Take excessive and untidy cables out of your life by letting Clarke Security install and configure your data points for the home or business to facilitate better internet access, your home entertainment setup, or an office intranet.
We can also configure and install data racks and patch panels to expand your business data capabilities.

Our technicians hold ACA Cabling licenses with full open registration enabling them to perform all kinds of structured cabling within your premises.
From networking of your data, security, CCTV, intercom, and building access management – we can provide the networking and security functionality you require.