Hills Home Hub

With the installation of a Hills Home Hub – your multimedia, data, and alarm panel cabling can be housed discretely and securely within the hub.

The Hills Home Hub is a suite of products designed to achieve a Smart Wired Home.

It includes enclosures and a comprehensive collection of modules each designed to provide a range of services around the home including:

  • Distributed audio and background music
  • Distributed television signal
  • Centralised audio visual components
  • Centralised telephone and DSL
  • Centralised data communications
  • Integrated intruder detection
  • Video distribution of CCTV

The hub itself it should be located in a store room, utility room or garage.

All cabling from wall plates around the house, terminates in the Hills Home Hub, providing a centralised area for all connections and signal distribution.

Hills Home Hub

A centralised solution such as the Hills Home Hub will provide flexibility for your home by providing easy connection to necessary services both now and in the future. As your needs change you will be able to make the necessary connections.

If you are building a new home or undertaking significant renovations, installation of centralised cabling solution should be a serious consideration.