The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a publicly funded roll-out of fibre optic cable across Australia, to replace our existing copper cable network and infrastructure for phone lines and broadband services. This roll-out is being managed and constructed by the Government owned company NBN Co.

What this means is that if you want to continue making phone calls and using the internet through a landline service you will need to be connected to the NBN.
When the roll-out reaches your area, the NBN Co will contact you to arrange installation of a small box in your home or business called a Network Terminating Device (NTD) that will connect you to the network.

[To find out when the NBN will be available in your area visit or call NBN Co on 1800 023 076].

Once the NBN Co has connected you to the network, you will need to identify a Retail Service Provider (RSP), i.e. organisations such as Telstra, Optus, iiNet and TPG and others, are capable of delivering the telecommunications services you require.

When the new NBN fibre service is rolled out in your area, please contact Clarke Security for assistance in ensuring that there is no interruption with your monitoring centre and your alarm system continues to function and report.

We will advise you of the various options available – such as Direct Wireless GPRS (mobile network) or (Internet Protocol) IP monitoring, to keep your alarm system working seamlessly.

Please be aware that the Uni-V Port on your NBN connection cannot be relied upon for the transmission of alarm signals to a central station.

Our Direct Wireless unit is an inexpensive solution for a standard alarm dialler which also eliminates the need for an NBN backup battery, and will reliably communicate alarm transmissions over a private and secure Telstra GPRS network.

NBN - Direct Wireless Unit