It is a legal requirement for all South Australian homes to have a working smoke alarm installed.
Using equipment and technology approved to Australian standards, Clarke Security can protect your home or business by installing hard-wired smoke and fire detection devices in appropriate locations.

We can advise you on the most practical and effective type and location for smoke and fire detectors e.g. in areas such as the kitchen or above cooking equipment, thermal devices (detecting a rate of heat rise) may be recommended.

Unlike stand-alone battery or powered detectors which just emit an audible alarm, your detectors will be connected to your monitored security system, activating an audible alarm is heard, plus provide notification to our monitoring centre.

The smoke detectors and control panel are installed with battery back-up, in the event of power outage.

The monitoring centre will check for errors and request the attendance of the local fire service as applicable.

If your system is also connected to our Internet server, notification can also be sent to your smart phone via the security system App.