Video Surveillance & Verification

Adding video surveillance and alarm verification as part of your security system offers important benefits:

  • Eliminate false alarms
  • Reduce response times.
  • Help prevent crimes in progress with real-time alerts sent to mobile application via push notifications.
  • Provide visual evidence in the event of insurance claims.

We offer verification of alarm activations via the Internet or GPRS (mobile network) as part of video monitoring of your site.

Not only will the system detect the presence of an intruder, but when the camera  is activated, it takes a video clip – which enables us to confirm the cause. An Infra-Red (IR) camera is required for night vision.

Alarm verification enables rapid response from Police and Patrol services – as the alarm activation is a confirmed situation.

We offer this functionality on various systems we supply and install, including the Videofied range with mobile phone App below….

Install visual alarm verification via the Videofied system.

The Videofied security system records video when an alarm is activated, allowing any alarm to be verified for authenticity by sight.
The video is immediately sent to our Monitoring Station where our operators can action an intrusion or verify a false alarm.

Recorded video allows for immediate police despatch, so there are no more false alarms.

Your privacy is assured, because the video footage is not constant but only activates when triggered by an alarm.

The system can be either wired into your existing alarm system, or be installed without wires or phone lines as a completely portable alarm system.

The Videofied system works day or night, indoors and outdoors – and even when the AC power is off, thanks to a backup battery – so you are secure even in a blackout.

Videofied system features also include:

  • No more false alarms
  • Motion sensor activated, IR camera with night vision
  • Totally wireless – using GPRS (mobile phone) network independent of phone lines
  • 2-way voice can verify alarm
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Alarm video is automatically sent to our Monitoring Station
  • Simple fob remote for arming & disarming system
  • Connectable for up to 24 devices (sirens cameras, sensors, keypads, contacts)
  • Mobile App – VideoApp4All, enables you to Arm/Disarm – and check system status
Videofied Products

Note: This Videofied footage is the property of Clarke Security and has been recently sourced from a prominent Adelaide builder. This visual verification allows faster police attendance and response.